How to Access Google Account Recovery Page?

Here’s How To Access Account Recovery Page On Google And Use It For Your Account Recovery

Google accounts have quite an immense importance in its every user’s life and one cannot avoid that fact that they are pretty well designed to function with Android services. Now, once someone has lost access to their Google account then there’s no doubt that the user will lose access to his important emails, Drive data and many applications as well. Hence, account recovery is quite essential for every Google user.

Besides, they can also access Google account recovery page and get back their account’s password. However, there are times when users get unable to access the account recovery page due to obvious confusion. Hence, read this article further to get access to the Google’s account recovery webpage online and use to recover your account’s password.

Steps To Use Account Recovery Page On Google

The Google account recovery page usually helps you to recover your account via using the information linked to your account such a email address, phone number, security questions, date of birth of your account and previous password. Once, you have provided the information to the account recovery page then you can easily receive your account after the account’s verification. Here’s how.

  • Visit the Google account’s sign in page in your web browser and then hit the Forget password link to access the account recovery page.
  • Next, mentioned the particular field for email address from via entering username, email address or phone number and then select the Next button.
  • Now, you should be prompted to enter the last known password of your account or you can select the “Try Another Way” link to continue your account recovery via using alternative other account recovery options –Date Of birth, but if you do not recall that too then hit the “Try Another Way” link once again.
  • Next, simply use your recovery phone number or email address to use as the account recovery method. Hereafter, you’ll be sent an account verification code (via text or call) on the chosen option that you’ll need to enter on the account recovery page.
  • Now, hit the Verify to continue with your account verification and then you can create a new password twice, and there you go with your account recovery.

Moreover, if you are unable to comprehend the aforementioned instruction on how to access Google account recovery page and use it for account recovery the feel free to connect with the etch-support executives on Google.

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