How to Add Facebook Account in Instagram?

A lot of times you will have confused that how people are sharing their Instagram posts to Facebook accounts? And the secret behind it is cross-linking of both accounts and whenever you something posts on your Instagram account, you can directly share with Facebook account. But it is only possible when you link your Facebook account to your Instagram account which is the only way to post every single update. The process of adding your Facebook account to Instagram is quite simple and you can easily do that. If you don’t know how to add Facebook account in Instagram, then you should know the complete process for it.

Here are the Steps to Add Facebook Account to Instagram:

  • First of all, open Instagram on your Android or iPhone.

  • Now you can just need to sign in to your account and then enter the email address and phone number linked to your Instagram account.

  • Now tap on Sign In tab after entering the details.

  • After that, you can click on the menu icon which is accessible at the top-right corner of the screen and then tap on it.

  • Now you can select Settings.

  • Tap on accounts and then select the Linked Accounts option.

  • Now tap on Facebook and then you must require to login to your Facebook account to confirm that you wish to link it to Instagram.

  • Now your Facebook account will be linked after entering the required details.

After following the above-mentioned instructions, you can smoothly add Facebook account in Instagram and simply share your every update that you post on Instagram account. But in case you are still not competent enough to add your Facebook account to Instagram, then you need effective assistance that you can obtain after contact with the support team of Facebook.

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