How to Create Facebook Polls?

Want to share your personal polls with your Facebook friends or audience about your product? Or you want to get a review of service from the audience? Then Facebook polls can help you to get such kind of things in a very simple and effective manner. Facebook polls could be more effective and productive which is also easy to poll your reviews. You can easily create a poll on your Facebook account through the varied devices but many users don’t have any on how to create Facebook polls whereas it’s one of the simple things to do and if you want to know about the process of polls creating, then follow the mentioned instructions.

How Do I Create a Facebook Poll in a Group?

  • First of all, login to your Facebook account using the login credentials.

  • Go to your newsfeed and then click on Groups in the left pane side.

  • Select a group that you want to poll.

  • Click on What’s on your mind? And then click on the name.

  • Select the Poll option.

  • Now type your question for the poll and then click on + option.

  • Click on Poll options and then select your audience for the poll.

  • After that, click on the Post tab.

How Do I Create a Facebook Poll in a Story?

  • Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.

  • Click on + Add Story at the top of the News Feed.

  • Now add your photos or videos from the camera roll.

  • Now tap on the Poll option.

  • After that, type your question for the poll and then tap on Yes or No for the customization of your answer.

  • Now tap on Done.

  • Now tap on Share to Story option to complete the process.

By following the above-described steps, you can create Facebook poll in different and simple ways. If you are still not competent enough to create a poll or have any kind of query, then approach to support the team of Facebook for instant solutions.

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