How to Log Out of Messenger on iPhone?

Facebook messenger is a great way to connect with your Facebook friends where you can send them messages, videos, and photos. But sometimes many circumstances come when you think to log out from your messenger on your preferred device due to plenty of reasons maybe you want to use another account on it or you don’t want that anyone sees your messages in the messenger. You can simply logout your messenger from plenty of devices and if you want to log out Facebook messenger on iPhone, then you can very easily do that with the help of a very simple and straightforward manner.

If you wish to log out Facebook messenger on iPhone, then you can follow the below methods to log out it:

Method 1: Log out through the messenger app

  • First of all, open Messenger on iPhone and then tap on your name icon which is available at the top-left corner.

  • Now scroll down and then tap on Account Settings.

  • Now tap on Security and login option.

  • After that, tap on More and then select a device for that you wish to log out the messenger.

  • Now tap on the Log Out option to log out from messenger.

Method 2: Log out using the Facebook app

  • Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.

  • Tap on the menu icon which is present at the bottom side.

  • Tap on the Settings & Privacy section.

  • Now tap on Account Settings.

  • Tap on Security and Login option.

  • Now Find the Where You’re Logged In option and then log out messenger from the connected devices.

You can very simply log out messenger on iPhone after following the above-described instructions. If you are still not logged out from messenger or need any kind of assistance, then you can approach the support team of Facebook.


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