How to Recover Google Account Using Date of Birth?

Recover Google Account Using Date of Birth

Google account is a service which is used to access and consume the services provided by Google. Which makes google account a vital service for the users. There are cases when a Google account needs to be recovered by the user and many users try to recover their account using the date of birth, so it is very important to know this process.

  • Google account recovery by Date of Birth
  • Open website from any device which you are using
  • Enter the Email ID
  • Click Next.
  • Click on Forget Password
  • Google will ask you to enter the Last Password.
  • Click on try another way.
  • Enter the Date and Month when this account is created.
  • At the next step, fill your Date of Birth.
  • At the new dialogue box, create a new password.

By Following the Above-Given Process You can Recover Google Account Using Date of Birth.

  • Another way to recover Google Account
  • Visit the Google Account Recovery page for verification of the account.
  • Enter the Email address you want to recover and click Continue.
  • Google Recovery page will ask you to enter the last remembered password.
  • After this, you will be asked some questions by Google, it is recommended to answer them to the best of your ability.
  • At the end of the verification process you will be able to recover your account.

there are various services provided by Google like Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and many more and for achieving the authorization to these services it is required to have a google account and if you don’t have the access to your Google account then use Google Account Recovery Date of Birth option to recover it.

How to Recovery Google Account via Google Live Person ?

Are you looking for information on how to recover your Google account with the help of a Google’s live representative? When a Google account holder is unable to access their account due to a forgotten password or other reasons, they may need to recover it. Though Google account recovery is feasible using a simple process that requires either a registered mobile phone number or an alternate email address. However, recovering a Google account may be difficult at times, and you'll need to get help from a live person at Google. Information on how to contact a live person for Google Account Recovery is given below.

Contact Google’s live person by call

  • Calling Google's customer support phone number is the quickest way to reach a live person for account recovery help
  • When you call Google's toll-free phone number, you'll be greeted with an answering system that offers you a range of service alternatives
  • After that, you have to select 5, 3, and then 0 digits in your keypad to speak with a live person from the Google’s customer service center
  • Finally, you may speak with a live person of Google regarding the account recovery assistance you require and they will help you with it

Contact Google’s live person via chat

  • Another option present on the Google’s home page is web chat feature, which enable you to reach a live person for account recovery related assistance
  • You should therefore request for help regarding account recovery question by describing your issue into the chat box
  • After that, Google assigns a live professional from their support team for handling your case, who answers in the chat box with a plausible method for securely recovering your account

These are the methods for obtaining assistance from a Google Live Person for account recovery if you are unable to do so on your own. In addition, you may also contact Google support if you have any other account-related issues that you are concerned about. With their efficient staff of executives who are highly qualified to answer all types of issues and concerns presented by their customers, Google provides complete assistance

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