How to Recover Suspended Google Account ?

How to Recover Your Suspended Google Account Easily?

Has your Google account suspended? Then you can’t access you're Google account until you will not recover your account. Google is best known for its reliable and secure features and whenever it sees any unknown activity on your Google account or someone violates the polices, then it suspends the account of a user on a temporary basis and it’s a very common thing that every Google account holder may confront due to several reasons. Users can simply get back to their suspended Google account after following the recovery process which is quite simple to follow.

Reasons for Suspended Google Account:

  • Entering the wrong password many times.
  • Account hacking.
  • Phishing or spam activity.
  • Using Google account for abusing.
  • Violates any policy or rule.
  • Incorrect user information.

How to Recover Suspended Google Account?

Do you want to recover the suspended Google account? But don’t know about the recovery process? Then you can simply follow the mentioned instructions that can help to recover your Google account. The process of Suspended Google Account Recovery is very simple and you can follow the below account recovery instructions for Google:

  • First of all, go to the official Google sign in page from your browser.
  • Now you will require signing in to your Google admin console account using the user name and password.
  • Now search for your Google account that you wish to recover under the User list.
  • After that, you will see the message of account suspension on the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Now click on Restore tab to recover your suspended Google account and then your request will be confirmed.
  • Now you will wait for 24 minutes until the Google will verify your account and recover.

Within these above-given steps, you can easily Recover suspended Google account and sign in as usual with your previous login credentials. But if you are not competent enough to recover your Google account, then you can directly approach the customer support team of Google and obtain the best solutions to resolve them all sorts of issues.


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