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How To Contact Outlook Support Team?

Ways To Contact Customer Support Team Outlook

Outlook is a product of Microsoft. It provides various services like webmail, contacts, tasks and calendaring services to its users. There are millions of avid users of Outlook. Outlook was later replaced by Hotmail. Users often face many issues while using Outlook services. These issues can be difficult to solve manually and therefore outlook customer support service to users. Users can easily contact the customer executives and take their help. If you are wondering how one can contact the team, then there are various ways for it. In this blog we will discuss about these ways.

Why Should The Support Team Be Contacted?

All the issue that users care unable to solve and that are stopping them from seamlessly using Outlook services, users can get in touch with the support executives and ask them for solutions. The executives are highly trained and skilled. They have technical knowledge and so they can easily fix any technical issue faced by users. All users need to do is dial Outlook Support Number or drop email or send feedback.

Ways To Contact The Support Team


The easiest ways to contact the support executives is to call them. Users can dial the Outlook Support Phone Number and talk to the executives. This number is provided on official website of Microsoft. Users can get the number from ‘Contact us’ section. The number for specific country and region is given there. Users can find the number of their country. After it they can dial the number and an executive will be appointed to them. They can then share their problem and get answers. The support team can be called from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Live Chat

Outlook also has a live chat feature. Users can open the live chat and talk with a virtual agent. An agent is available 24 hours. Users need to visit the website and open ‘contact us’ section. There they need to click on ‘Get started’ option. This will open the live chat. Now users can discuss their issue and get solutions.


Outlook also provides an app called ‘Be my Eyes’. This app helps people with low vision or blind people to easily get in touch with the volunteers. People can open the app and get connected to an agent. The agent will provide virtual assistance through live video chat.


Another way to contact the executive is to send feedback or queries or complaints through the feedback option. Users need to fill a form on the website and send it. The support team will revert to the query through an email.

How To Contact Outlook Support By Phone?

Since the internet has been launched, people are dependent on it. And along with this internet people are also dependent on emails to share information using text messages. So, Outlook is one of the emails which is used by maximum users for their purposes. This is also the highest and greatest hub for an email which offers numerous services. And with the help of this email, a user can not only send or receive text messages but also perform many other services.

With the outstanding response received for Outlook’s performance, this email keeps on updating its features and functions as per new technology that keeps on updating. However, even Outlook can come up with issues and make hindrances in the users work. But to resolve these issues, Outlook also has introduced Outlook technical support phone number for the users in need.

List Of Ways To Contact Outlook Customer Support Number!

Outlook has introduced many platforms for users to resolve their issues if they face. So, to know how to contact Outlook support you can use any of the following platforms.

  • Outlook Phone Number: This is the toll-free number which is 24/7 active on the helpline number stated on the website.
  • Outlook Chat Support: This is another platform which gives instant on the spot resolution and is 24/7 active.

A user can use any of the convenient platforms to get assistance. To know how to contact Outlook technical support number you can follow the steps below.

Learn How To Contact Outlook Customer Service!

  • Take a phone and dial the Outlook customer support number.
  • Wait for a few minutes and on getting the response from the opposite end, explain your issue for which you have contacted.
  • Wait for few minutes to get the response and you will get the best possible resolution.
  • Check the resolution and share the feedback.

Hence, with the help of the above information, you can get your Outlook issues resolved.

How To Contact Outlook Support By Email

Make contact to outlook support by email

Application to send and receive emails and helps to manage data which may include calendar, appointments, contacts and notes as well. With the help of this you would be able to sync the personal information with your phone, tablet and computers. As there are many inbuilt features of the account which plays well with the active directory and can be integrated with the numerous devices and applications.

You can reach the outlook the support in the following ways-

  • For email related issues, you can do sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • You will get a form to fill out the questions or issues.
  • For other account issues, you may opt for the online live chat and can schedule a voice call back.
  • Microsoft brings outlook.com forums for helping the users
  • For getting assistance from the reliable source, it is better to keep the details of version of the application you are using.
  • If you need of assistance from within the app you can use these ways –
  • First you have to tap on settings.
  • Concurrently, tap on Help and feedback.
  • Now you have to tap on contact support, active team participates to assist the customers.

Outlook is one of the leading platforms to all the users. Email service provider allows you to connect with your friends and family. You can access your email on the web browser; Every user is seeking for the quick assistance from the authentic platform so here you will find better option to follow, stick with the steps very carefully to get email support or assistance from the Outlook Customer Support Number.

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